Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cookie Bake Off

Sandra wanted to know more about the Cookie Bake Off, so I'll see if I can explain it here for anyone that wants to know.

Each auxilery was asked to provide three names of families or individuals that they felt would benefit from some contact from the people at Church. Then each family was asked to provide two dozen cookies. After Dave explained the concept of member involvement in missionary work, everyone pitched in to put together plates of cookies to take to those families who are less active or part member families. Then some of the families were asked to take those plates of cookies to the families who were chosen. Don't they look pretty? After the plates were put together whatever was left over was for everyone to sample. Once the judges were able to chose a winner than Dave announced the winners. It has always been a great success in the past with many people becoming active again or having the rest of their family baptized. We have always had fun with this activity. No one has ever said no to a plate full of cookies. Dave has always been able to get into homes where they have requested no contact with the church, he just has a loving spirit and truly cares about those family. Cookies


The Christensen Family said...

Yummy! I love cookies

Sandra said...

Thanks for posting again about The Cookie Bake Off and explaing more how it works. I love the idea!