Sunday, November 30, 2008

Broke With Tradition

Mistletoe 2 Every year since Aimee and Wendy were little we have always gone to Pam's Mom and Dad's on the first Sunday of December to decorate their tree and house. Last year was the first year we were here in Italy and we didn't have a Christmas tree. This year we decided to buy an artifical tree because Kaitlyn has been begging for one and then Aimee and Wendy joined in the begging. Christmas Tree 2 So today we went to the Shoppette and bought a tree, we had to go today because today was the last day of the sale and they were running pretty low on trees since they have had them since HALLOWEEN!!

So this year, the Sunday AFTER Thanksgiving we decorated our house and tree for Christmas. We are feeling a little bit more in the mood this year, last year was pretty sad for all of us since we were so far away from family. We are hoping that this is the last year away from family.

Pam had the girls clean and move the bookcases and tv case thing. Of course, Pam just directed them where to put everything. Dave slept through everything, he slept through vaccuuming and scraping of metal on the floor. The girls did a very good job.

Christmas Fireplace We even have a fireplace to hang the stockings from this year. Wreath


Sandra said...

I think someone is excited for Christmas here!!! :)

Holloway Family said...

Not really Sandra, just the girls! Bah Humbug!!! ;)

Kari said...

Nice Christmas tree! Very festive!! Yes, sad about Elder Wirthlin. But happy reunion for him!!

The Christensen Family said...

Looks like the girls wore you down. Happy Holidays.