Friday, November 7, 2008

Family History

So tonight was another night for Family History Date Night--a bust once again. I take that back at 830 the couple missionaries came over with an investigator to talk a little bit about the importance of Genealogy. There was a little bit of a language barrier there, but I think she understood the general idea. But I wonder if I am just wasting my time opening up my home one night a week to whom ever wants to get started, learn more, ask questions, or learn about new websites. I was going to start this after the holidays, but the Elder's quorum wanted a three week class before they all head to the temple in Switzerland over Thanksgiving. It is really disappointing when no one shows up after they say sure we will be there. Oh well, I just can't take it personally and realize that I'm doing what I can in my calling and that it is upon their heads what they do with it.


I can say that I am thankful for Family History. I have learned so much about my heritage and the legacy that has been handed down through the ages to me and my children and future grandchildren. I know that I am linked for eternity to my family, or that I am working on linking everyone in. I get such a peaceful feeling when I work on this that it soothes my spirit. We have had many doors open to us by doing this wonderful work. We have all felt the Spirit of Elijiah as we have searched for those that have died. We feel those spirits of our kindred dead as we take their names through the temple. I love to go to the temple and feel the peace and love that is there.

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