Thursday, November 20, 2008

Trying New Things

I am so thankful for the ability to figure things out so I can try new things. That is kind of silly, but hey it's cool. I've seen most of my friends and family have these really cute and cool backgrounds for their blogs and I wanted to try some. When I first started blogging I could not for the life of me figure out how to change it. Tonight I tried again and I DID it!! Maybe it has something to do with being in serious pain tonight? Oh well, the point is I did it.


Today was another visit with the shrink. Oh what fun. I found out last time I saw Dr. Aguaro that the shrink I'm seein' is all of 33 years old!! How can he possibly know more about my depression and anxiety than I do? Oh well, this is how brilliant he is. I go in and again I have to ask him to see me downstairs on the main level because I could not do the stairs today. He goes over my list visit and then says have you tried to do some exersizing to help with the depression? I said and you suggest what kind? He says, "ride a stationary bike?" Bike Riding Did he not read the part or hear the part about me having serious arthritis in my knees and hips? I said no, every time I ride a bike I blowout my knees have done so since I was a teenager. Maybe that is where I have rheumatoid arthritis in them? Could do. Then I told him I was gonna see about indoor swimming. Swimmer Then he suggested that maybe we can start taking me off my meds because I was doing so well. I looked at him and said UH NO. I've tried that in the past and the depression comes back worse than it was when I went on the meds before. What kind of doc is he any way? Oh wait, he's a military doctor. That explains his brain. Any way, I still get my way and I get to stay sane for at least another month. As long as I do things I love to do I'll be okay. ReadingReading a good book, Scrapbooking scrapbooking and card making (thanks to my friend DeAnn),Crochet crocheting, Chatty 2 chatting on the phone or online with friends and family,Shopping spree shopping online, Map rides in the car with my family, BBQ BBQs with friends. These things make me happy and comfortable.


Bundled It has been so freakin' cold today, I have tried all day to stay warm. My hands and legs have been icicles so I have been under blankets most of the day. I came upstairs to climb into bed at five just so I could be warm. But now is the perfect time to snuggle up with Kaitlyn and read her a good book. This is actually my favorite time of the day. We actually talk and listen and laugh with each other. I love it!!

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The Christensen Family said...

Well, at least he is trying right? lol....trying what I am not sure. At least you have some kinds of activities you enjoy doing. I am glad your still sane also. Well, somewhat. love ya