Friday, November 21, 2008

Missionary Activity

Dave is the Ward Mission Leader in our ward and this month he was asked to plan an activity. Tonights activity was our 2nd Annual Cookie Bake Off. Every year for the past five years, two here in Italy and three in Sunset when Dave was Elder's Quorum President, he has planned a cookie bake off in order help activity less active families. He has had much success with this activity, many families have become active again simply because they discovered that someone actually cared about them. And Dave truly cares about less active and part member families. These two pictures are those that participated in the Bake Off. These are our judges, Neill Perry, Aimee Holloway and Wendy Holloway. They did a great job.

Here is Dave reading off the winners of our Cookie Bake Off.
Third Place for the Bronze Rolling Pin is Kim Adams.
Second Place for the Silver Rolling Pin is Cindy Adams. And First Place for the Gold Rolling Pin is 8-year old Olivia Zollinger.
We had a lot of fun and did a lot of visiting. Those plates of cookies were taken to families and singles who are less active or part member families. I sure hope they enjoyed the cookies.


Sandra said...

Would like to know more about the cookie bake off.

Page Family said...

What a fun idea!! I want to be a judge!! YUMMY!!;)

The Christensen Family said...

Looks like a great turn out. Looks like fun.