Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Friends...Children and Politics

Today I am thankful for friends. Not just the aquaintances we meet at church or at our children's schools, but real friends. Those friends who are their to help you when you need them, who are sincere when the ask, "How are you?" and you know that they really want to know. I met with several of those friends this morning for 'recipe group'. The welcomed me and helped me in every way that they could. You see, some of those friends may not know what my diagnosis was, but they could see that I was in pain and that I was there, so they helped me in a way that they could. Maybe some were not sure how to react to me actually being there, since I usually don't go to things like this, but that was okay. Some were brave and asked what my diagnosis is, or they have read my blogs and so they were informed. I want to say thank you to them from the bottom of my heart. I won't name names because I don't want to embarrass anyone, or make anyone feel bad. But thank you just the same and they know who they are. For the help of getting me a plate of food, a cup of water and a refill, picking me up and bringing me home so that I could go, for the hug, and the offers of 'call if you need anything.' Thank you!!!


We have had many discussion in our home over the past month or so as the elections have been winding down, so it would be save to assume our children would hear some of these ideas, comments, and complaints. Of course, our children all know that Dave and I are very conservative Republicans. Kaitlyn our nine year old beautiful daughter has become quite outspoken on her 'political' views. She has had many discussions with her classmates on who the best man would be for president of our great country and then proceeds to lead them all in a chant, John McCain "John McCain, John McCain!" She informed us last night the since banana head Obama won the election, if he changes our pledge of allegiance she will protest and NOT repeat it. She will always say it the way she has been taught. It was so inspiring to see that it has made the rest of us realize that yes we do need to stand up for what we believe is right. Way to go Kaitlyn!

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The Christensen Family said...

It is always nice when you find that special friend that you know means what they say. The ones that are real and not fake. Even family can be real or fake. Take hold to the real ones. My mother in law is wise...she said if someone offters to help they meant it or they wouldn't have offered.